Disc Ploughs

Manufacturer: Agrolead
Delivery date: 1-2 days
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Disc Ploughs, which are produced by our company with brand name AGROLEAD as in conformity with the current agricultural conditions, are available in 2,3,4 and 5 discs version. Our ploughs perform an excellent performance in every type of with soil by the basic principles such as soil breaking, soil raising, soil turning and soil mixing. The disc ploughs are used to open the new fields and to process the stony areas. While processing, it prevents the occurrence of the big holes and mudding the upper part of furrows. There is no possibility to stop up because of grass, helves and farm fertilizer. Its’ special design allows to easier work in rocky and rooted areas. By these features, the damage that may occur in disc ploughs and tractor can be prevented. The exposure time of plough chassis and discs are rather long. Particulary the discs are boron steel from Turkey, Bellota from Spain or Forge de Niaux from France, 52-55 Rhe hardness, Ø660 mm and are adjustable to get the maximum performance from the power of tractor.