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البائع: Agrico international
تاريخ التوصيل: 1-2 days
85.00 ج.م.‏
غير شامل الضريبة الشحن
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General Fertilizers that contains all the minor and major elements in liquid form. It contains a balanced combination of major elements and trace elements to assure high efficiency and highest quality in the crop.

Formulation  :

N  : 11 %

P : 6 %

K : 8 % Plus other elements.

Usage :

spray the shoots of the plant as concentration of 2 cm 3 / liter of water and fruit trees and vegetable crops as well as the field of ornamental plants, medicinal and aromatic plants. In modern sprinkler systems add a concentration of 1.5 cm 3 / liter (sprinkler irrigation – drip irrigation