Lina Universal Seed Drill With Harrow Tine

الشركة: Agrolead
البائع: Agro Lead Egypt
تاريخ التوصيل: 1-2 days
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AGROLEAD Universal Seed Drill Spring Type has two type: a combined and mounted type sowing machine which can distribute the seed and fertilizers in the desired depth and equidistantly. It can function on flat and sloppy fields thanks to its’ string chisel foot. The string chisel feet on the machine are designed in 3 rows and planned to plant in three-serial lanes. Thanks to its’ automatic and hydraulic tracking system which is presented as a standard, the comfort and continuity that are provided to the users. By means of its’ specially designed quietly functioning gearbox with three cam lobs, the gear ring for the seeds may rotate in slow speed and it can plant even the very tiny seeds regularly. The machine which is produced with 21- 25-29 and 33 tine has interval spacing of 120 mm. By means of dovetail type harrow spring as a standard option on the machine, grading of the soil and covering the seeds over can easily carried out.