AGRONOM 10-05-40

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Foliar Fertilizer with High Potasium in Homogenous easy absorbtion and Completely water Soluble.

 High Potasium Fertilizer work on increasing Nodes  , fixing with earlying Crop and give Fruits the specifications of exporting.

help plant to Transfer from total Vegetative  to the growth of the Fruit .

make the balance between Nitrogen,Phosphor and Potasium inside Plant.

Rapidly effective Fertilizer and easy absorption supply plant with all its needs from NPK.

help to increase rate of benefit from Natural growth regulators.

*help to increase rate of Plant resistance against fungal Diseaces.

help during Spraying,it also can be used during all kinds of irrigation.

used for all Kinds of Fertilizers,Pesticides.

(PH)Concentration in Spray is between 4-5.


Foliar Application:



Citrus-Olive-Legumes:250-300gm/100Lt water Apply evry 8-10 days in fruit growth period until Maturation and Harvest Period.

Potato-Carrot-Sugar Cane:before entering Plant flowering period,used with rate 250-300gm/100Lt water and Apply evry 8-10 days in Fruit growth Period until Maturation and Harvest Period.                                                  

General Dosage:

General dose(100gm/100L water)

Application during drip irrigation:7-10kg/acre.


        1 Kg        5 Kg