AGRONOM 10-30-20

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Nitrogen (10%)-Phosphorus (30%)-Potassium (20%)

Foliar Fertilizer with High Phosphorus Homogenous, easy absorption and          completely water Soluble.

High Phosphoric Fertilizer work on increasing Flowering, Fixing and rising the rate of Female Flowers and rise the productivity of Acre.

Keep and Improve the good Quality of Soil.

Increase the ability of Plant to benefit from natural Nutrients in Environment.

Rapidly effective Fertilizer and easy absorption, supply Plant with all its need from NPK.

Help to increase and Activate the Roots.

used as protective Solution for rot Roots.

Increase plant Protection from Fungal diseases.

used during Spraying and also in different kinds of irrigation. 

used for all kinds of Crops, Vegetables and fruit Trees.

It can be mixed with all kinds of fertilizers and pesticides.

(PH) concentration in spray is between 4-5


Foliar Application:

  • Vegetables (Tomatoes-Pepper-Eggplant-Potatoes-beet)

Rate of 200-300 gm /100 Lt Water. Apply every 10-15 days at beginning of Flowering.

Apply by Spraying on total vegetative plant from 3-4 times with Rate 3kg /acre from age of 4 days until 6 days.

  • Fruitful Fruits (Citrus-Guava-Pomegranate) Apply 300 gm / 100 lt water and repeat 3-4 times with 15 days interval between every Flowering and beginning of nodes.
  • Mango: Apply 3.5- 4 kg / acre and repeat 2-3 Times with 10-15 days intervals in Flowering Period.
  • Apple-Pear-Peach-Plum-Apricot: Apply 2kg / acre and repeat 3 Times with 10-15 days intervals between every Spray on spring shots.
  • Grapes: Apply 2kg / acre and repeat 4 Times on spring shots and buds out with 10 days intervals.
  • Cucurbitaceous Family (Squash-Watermelon-Melon-Cucumber) Apply 2-3 kg/acre on plant shoot from 2-3 times on Flowering Period and at the beginning of nodes.

General Dosage:

General dose (100 gm/100 L water)

Application during Drip-Irrigation 7-10 kg / acre.


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