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Calcium(10.4%)-Nitrogen(8%)-Boron(1%)-Free Amino acid(5%)-(PH)6

*Fertilizer with Calcium loaded on Nitrate,Boron and free Amino acid.

with Grapple Calsium and Boron together in the same Compound which allow to benefit from the two ingredients.As Boron help to increase the absorption of Calcium and Transfer it inside the Plant  on the other Side we find that Calcium reduce Toxic of Boron.

*It is rapidly correct the Calcium deficiency Symptoms and Boron.

*It increase the Vitality of Pollen and increase the rate of Nodes.

*Calcium with free Amino acid which applied Rapidly effect and additional Value to Fertilizer.

*Increase the ability of Plant to bear the adverse Conditions.

*Calcium increase the Force and Soil of Cell-wall of Plant Tissue  that reflect on the solid of the Fruit and Validity of Storage.

*It prevent any Physiological defect Results from deficiency of Calcium like Rotten party Syphilis.

*Calcium which is found in Calcium nitrate work on reducing Sodium Concentration in Soil and avoid the harmful effects.


General Rate for use (100cm3/100Lt water)

Application during drip-irrigation :3-5 L/acre.


      1 L        5 L    25 L