Agronom Maxor-D

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Nitrogen(4%)-Phosphorus(4%)-Potasium(4%)-Chelate Zinc(.01%)

Chelate Manganese(0.01%)-Chelate Copper(.04%)-boron(.1%)

Poly Scaredz(3%)-Root factor(1.5%)-Free Amino Acid(5%)-PH(5)

/Rich Fertilizers with NPK,Trace elements and amino acid in balanced way.

*the best solution to get force Radical and Total vegetative.

*Adviced to use during First Stage from Plant age and during growing and flowering .

*increase the marketing specifications for Plant.

*could be mixed with all kinds of Agriculture Pesticides and fertilizers.


Foliar Application:

Application during(dripp irrigation)From 3-5 applications with rate 3-4Lt/acre.The addition will be after Agriculture during First growing Stage or when It is necessary during Growing Plant Cycle.

*Fruit Trees(Citrus-etc)From 2-4 Applications with rate 2.5-4.5 Lt/acre.Addition will be after agriculture or when it is Necessary during Plant growing Cycle.

*Grapes and Olive:from 2-4 aplications with rate 1.8-3.5Lt/acre addition will be after transplanting or Agriculture during First growing Stage.

*Strawberry: from 4-6 aplications with rate 2.5-3.5 Lt/acre addition will be after Transplanting or Agriculture during First growing Stage or when it is necessary during Plant growing Cycle.

*using in Plantation:used in Plantation during Spraying with rate 2cm3/1Lt water.

*During injection :use 1L/500L water.

*Leaves Fertilization:General dose 200-300 cm3/100L water.

General dosage:

*general dosage (100gm/100Lt water)

Application during Drip Irrigation:7-140kg/acre.


       1 L           5 L          25 L