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25g/lt:Sodium-a naphthalene acetate(NAA)

Physiological compound Catalyst Flowering,Increase Nodes

 (Natural growing Organiser)31gm/lt

Used during Flowering Period also in Cold Resistance as it reduce the effects of adverse weather Factors.

It used to reduce conglomerate Floral Fireworks

Used to activate Vegetation growth in cucumber/tomato/Watermelon/Melon/Pepper/Eggplant/Kidnybeans/Peas.

Increase Strawberry resistance against frost and increase Nodes.

Naphthalene acetic acid help to reduce harmful effects of Frost during Flowering if it used before squeezer reach Plant Tissue and this will be in day break in case of Night Frost.

As the first Application will be with rapidly effect before Physiological warm and the seconed after 6-8 days from First Application.

Used as Plant growing organizer to fix Flowers and increasing Plant Nodes.

Mix with all kinds of Fertilizers and Pesticides Except other Kinds of Plant growing Organizers.


Foliar Application:

*Vegetables Crops to increase Nodes (Tomato-Watermelon-Melon-Cucumber-Pepper-Kidny beans-Peas-Eggplant):50cm/100lt water-from2:3 Applications,the first at beginning of Flowering and repeat Spraying evry 10 Days when Plant from 2:3 Leaves and in Case of Seedling you can Spray after Transplation with 8-10 days.

*Field Crops Bean(increase Nodes and frost resistant)

Soybean-Kidnybean increase Nodes 50cm/100lt water the first Spray at the beginning of Flowering and the Seconed after 10 days.

*Citrus –increase Nodes,reduce fall of what after Mango

50cm/100lt water.the first at the beginning of Flowering the Seconed before falling the Petals of Flowers.

*Fruit Crops (Apple-Pear)to increase Nodes 50cm/100lt water the first two Weeks before Floweing the Seconed before Falling Petals of Flowers with 10-12 days between evry Application.


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