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Natural Formula For anti Fire Blight

ALT F.B is a unique foliar fertilizer formulation containing nutritive elements plus streptomycin. It is able to promote healthy growth of the plant and stimulate plant own natural resistance to bacterial infection. ALT F.B clings well to foliage and fruit; it resists weathering fewest and spread evenly. ALT F.B is most effective against Fire Blight bacterial infection.

Formulation (w/w)

Organic acids1.2%

What about Fire Blight.

Fireblight is a bacterial disease that is particularly destructive on many varieties of apple and pear. It may also damage certain ornamental plant, such as flowering carbapple, hawthorn, mountain ash, and spirea if not controlled, fire blight can destroy the blossoms and fruit and may damage the plant by stem infection.

(Symptoms) Fire blight:
Fire blight usually first appears during bloom the blossom clusters wilt and turn dark brown or black this is followed by twig blight infection of the current season’s growth the most obvious symptom of twig blight is ascorched appearance of affected stems in which the leaves with, tarn brown and cling to the stem it is this stage that gives the disease the name fire blight.