Calcium Poly Sulphide®

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Liquid Foliar Fertilizer
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The compound idea of calcium poly sulfide is relies on calcification of sulphatic usage manner in fungi resistance we like to benefit the farmer in fungi resistance by safe way in and the same time by safe way in using without an environmental pollution.
This way is based on the non utilization of sulphate in its crystal form which accumulate light and temperature which burns plant tissues and lead to feel plant in its resistance against disease and pests, but through sulfate utilization in a formula of our compound which contains 40 per cent sulfate in a liquid form and enhancing which is acute instant and able to be absorbed where by the plant became more strong in its resistance against fungus diseases that badly affects it. More over, the plant resistance against the various types of spides. In addition to,the improvement of fruit quality and enhancing and their colors with removing soil poisons and salinity by addition of calcium poly sulphide with water irrigation furthermore, it’s possessing of calcium that increase the strength of root with the hardness of fungi to penetrate it.