Headland Glow

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Agricultural water Conditioner

Orthophosphoric acid : 25.9 % W/V ( 22.6 % W/W)

P2O5 : 19.5% W/V ( 17 % P2O5 W/W )

Preparation of sequestering, chelating and buffering agents for softening and conditioning water used for spraying agricultural chemicals.

The performance of many agrochemicals and fertilizers is impeded when applied with water which is alkaline, hard, and contaminated with insoluble deposits and impurities of calcium, magnesium, bicarbonates etc.

In such conditions agrochemicals and fertilizers that are prone to hydrolysis may degrade or precipitate, resulting in poor performance due to lack of active ingredients particularly when multi - product tank mixing is required.

 MODE OF ACTION: Headland Glow contains a blend of chemicals that soften and condition the water and optimize the pesticide or fertilizer application: -

  • Complexed acidifiers to reduce PH and minimize hydrolysis.
  • Long-chain polymer based water softener.
  • Sequestering agents to isolate cationic contaminants.
  • Buffering agents to improve tank-mixing compatibility.
  • Spreading and sticking agents to enhance foliar cover.


The doses of Headland Glow vary according to the quality of the water used: -

  • Soft Water: use of 0.51/1000 It water (0.05% or 100mI/200 It).
  • Medium/hard water: use of 1 litre /1000 It water (0.1% or 200mI/200 It).
  • Hard water: use of 2 litres /1000 It water (0.2% or 400m1/200 lit).

MIXING: Check samples of water regularly as PH of water can vary frequently. Always add the required amount of Headland Glow to the water in the spray-tank before adding agrochemicals or fertilizers.


1 L , 1000 L