Manvert Kinofol

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Concentration (w/v %)

Seaweed extract


Reducing sugars


Free Amino acids


Organic matter


Organic Nitrogen (N)


Folic acid


Phytohormones (cytokinins)






Seaweed unique combination to improve crops quality and specification



Manvert  Kinofol  Specifications:

  • Manvert Kinofol liquid product, which allows better Miscibilit, Dissolution and Dosage.
  • Activate the synthesis of natural "phytohormones" which helps in increasing and improving growth and reduce using of artificial hormones.
  • Manvert Kinofol:Manvert Kinofol contains high percentage of free Amino Acids in the form of glutamic acid which is precursor of the biosynthesis of other amino acids such as "valine & Methionine".
    •  increase Fruit fattening.
    •  Increase colour and sugars taste.
    • Growth stimulator.
    • Promotes tillering.
    • Increase resistance to stress conditions.
    •  Promotes fruit setting.
    • Promotes sprouting.
  • Manvert Kinofol High content of amino acids, therefore:
  •  High biostimulant power
  • Enhance the vegetative growth
  • Enhance the crop during and after a stress period (high or low temperatures, lack of water, flowering period
  • Improve nutrient uptake by the plant
  • Activate the synthesis of natural phytohormones.
  • Source of carbohydrates directly absorbable and assimilable
  • Improve photosynthesis
  • Basic unit's precursor to synthesize polysaccharides.
  • Provide plant energy to realize metabolic processes.
  • Improves plant vigor, root development, chlorophyll synthesis
  • Promotes earlier flowering, fruit set and uniformity of fruit
  • Retards senescence, extends product shelf life
  • Improves nutritional quality
  • Imparts stress tolerance, drought, salinity and frost
  • Alleviates disease, bacterial and fungal
  • Assists in pest control of insects, soil nematodes
  • Adjuvant action in pesticide mixtures.
  • Reducing Sugars in Manvert Kinofol
  • Seaweed Extract in Manvert Kinofol
  • Manvert Kinofol neutral pH ( 7.5)


Application and Recommendation:  Manvert Kinofol could be used in foliar application and root application. Also could be used all year and specially in period between growth and fruit development before harvesting.

Special recommendation:

                In order to improve rooting: it is recommended to sink the young plants before transplant in a solution of 5 cc of Manvert Kinofol / 1 L of water during 10 – 15 min.

                 In order to have better fruit specifications: 1 cc Manvert Kinofol + 2.5 cc Manvert K-Acid / 1L water.

                In order to Increase sugar level in fruits: 2 – 3 degree one week before harvesting apply 2 L Manvert Kinofol + 4 L Manvert K-Acid in irrigation system  for every acre.




1 – Foliar application: 100 – 150 cc / 100 L water
2 – Root application: 400 – 800 cm3 / Acre.


Ability of mixing: Manvert Kinofol can be applied alone or mixed with any of the products which are normally used in each crop. (Trial should be made first).

The steps to prepare the mixture should be the following

1st water – 2nd Manvert Kinofol – 3rd pesticides

Manvert Kinofol is not compatible with high concentration copper products (except on olive trees). Products with sulphur or with oil.




        Bottles  1L , 5 L, 20 L, 1000L.