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Concentration (w/v %)

Phosphorus ( P2O5)


Magnesium Oxide (Mgo)




                                          Liquid fertilizer contains Phosphorus and Magnesium elements in form that is easily absorbed by plants. Formed specifically to correct Magnesium deficiency in plants.

Manvert Max Mag features:

  • Manvert Max Mag is Liquid fertilizer absorbed fast and easy by plant.
  • Manvert Max Mag works on Magnesium and phosphorus deficiency correction.
  • High Phosphorus percentage in Manvert Max Mag exists in Phosphite form.
  •  Manvert Max Mag helps improving plant self defense system against fungal diseases.
  • Manvert Max Mag protects the crop against fungal diseases such as Phytoptora, neck rot in vegetables, flowers and fruit trees, neck canker in top fruits, citrus, pineapple, Kiwi, avocado, root rot in fruits trees, citrus, pineapple, Kiwi, avocado, citrus fungal gummosis, mildew (Vine and Vegetables); dead arm (vines and fruit trees); citrus damping-off (skin and fruit rot) and monilia in olives and top fruits.
  • Manvert Max Mag essential element in chlorophyll synthesis, photosynthesis process, protein synthesis and energy production by plant.
  • Magnesium in Manvert Max Mag contributes in metabolism of phosphorus ( phosphorylation) to obtain ATP.
  • Reduced Phosphorus in Manvert Max Mag helps providing secondary and trace elements to plants.
  • Manvert Max Mag helps plant to maintain strong root system.
  • Manvert Max Mag increases fruit quality as it is involved in the production of pectin present in plant cell wall of all fruits.
  • Manvert Max Mag helps eliminating Black stem problem in grapes.
  • Manvert Max Mag has low PH (4) which leads to fast absorption. 

Ability of mixing: Manvert Max Mag could be mixed with most foliar fertilizers e except alkalis fertilizers and those which contain Copper also could be mixed with pesticides and Fungicides that are commonly used except mineral oil, or with alkalis, elemental sulfur or dimethoate. (Experiment should be done first )

  • in case of necessary using any Copper complex , Manvert Max Mag should be applied after not less than 20 days , or copper complex should be applied after Manvert Max Mag with not less than 10 days.

Application and recommendations

Manvert Max Mag can be absorbed throw leaves and roots and can be applied in all crops.


     Foliar application: 150-300 cc / 100 L water depending of level of deficiency.
     Root application: 1.0– 1.5 L/ Acre depending of level of element deficiency.


Dose and timing


     From the beginning of the six leave with rate 1L/acre then repeat with break 10 days with the same rate.


  in age of 60 days with rate 1.5 L/acre then repeat treatment with break 10-14 days with same rate


    Two applications at beginning of spring with rate 1-2 L/acre with 15 days break


      First application when Injection from age 45-50 days with rate 1.5 L/acre.

      Second application 1.5 L/acre in centuries full stage and only once


      Frist application before flowering with rate 1 – 1.5L/ acre.

      Second application after nodes ( Fruit set ) with rate 1 – 1.5 L / Acre.

         Apple, plum, peaches, pears

       3 applications with rate 1.5L/ acre with break 15 days after nodes


    First Treatment 1.5 L/acre from beginning of injection to increase Tubers then repeat second application with the same rate after 21 days.


   2 application with 1.5 L/acre for every application starting from flowering time and repeat application after 21 days.


   First application 1 L/acre from beginning of Vegetative growth after two weeks from agriculture then repeat application after 21 days.

            Green house Crops

       Start application before Branching with rate 150 cc/100L water then repeat with same rate every 15 days.


Bottles  1L , 5 L, 20 L, 1000L