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Concentration (w/v %)

Magnesium (Mg)


Iron (Fe)


Manganese (Mn)


Zinc (Zn)


Boron ( B )


Cupper (Cu)


Molybdenum (Mo)




Real Meaning in Grain Nutrition

Liquid fertilizer contains many trace elements that are important for plant growth

Manvert Oligo - Rice  Features:

  • Manvert Oligo - Rice helps correcting and preventing trace element deficiencies in plant ( Magnesium, Iron, Manganese, Zinc and Copper )
  • Manvert Oligo – Rice can be absorbed easily as it is formulated as a natural complex.
  • Manvert Oligo – Rice increase elongation and growth vegetative and roots.
  • Manvert Oligo – Rice increase grain size and hardness (rice and wheat).
  • Manvert Oligo – Rice decrease infection with different fungal diseases and increase immunity.
  • Manvert Oligo – Rice increase Pollination and fertilization to have full and vital grain.
  • Manvert Oligo – Rice can be used regularly to reserve trace elements percentage in trees and crops (cereals and horticultural) which produce every year.
  • Manvert Oligo – Rice can be used continuously throughout the whole growth and fructification period without any kind of phytotoxicity problem for the plants.
  • Manvert Oligo – Rice has PH ( 4 )
  • Low PH in Manvert Oligo – Rice decreases acidity in irrigation water and increase application effectively and absorption.
  • Manvert Oligo – Rice can be used as fertilizers for all crops, vegetables and fruits.

Why Manvert Oligo – Rice?

Manvert Oligo – Rice a complete meal with critical necessary elements for grain production especially rice as it contains:-

  • Iron intervenes in respiratory process, Chlorophyll synthesis, Enzymes activation.
  • Magnesium main component in forming chlorophyll in green plastids, second source for energy after phosphorus, intervenes with calcium in producing cellular plates responsible for hardness.
  • Zinc which intervals in creating amino acid (tryptophan) main component to natural auxins that are responsible of cell elongation in vegetative and roots,  activate creation of other plant hormones.
  • Manganese vital element in stimulate respiration enzymes, creating amino acids, oxide and reduction process, it's shortage will lead to Chloroplasts damage.
  •  Molybdenum responsible for Nitrate reduction, increase pollen grains fertilization which leads to increase Pollination success and node.
  • Boron responsible of transportation of sugar and carbohydrates , transportation of calcium , addition to its role in cell division and pollen grains fertilization
  • Cupper which plays's important role in Carbohydrates formation, constituent of several enzymes and protection role against fungal diseases.

Ability of mixing: Manvert Oligo - Rice could be mixed with most fertilizers and pesticides,  shouldn't be mixed with growth regulators "Trial should be made first before mixing".

Application and recommendations

Manvert Oligo - Rice can be absorbed throw leaves and roots so it can be applied either by foliar application or in fertirrigation.



Using Rate ( Foliar application )


300 – 500 cm3  / 100 L water


300 – 500 cm3  / 100 L water


200 - 400 cm3  / 100 L water

Stones Fruits

200 - 400 cm3 / 100 L water


200 - 400 cm3 / 100 L water


200 - 400 cm3 / 100 L water


200 - 500 cm3  / 100 L water

Feed crop

300 - 400 cm3  / 100 L water

Medical plants and ornamentals

200 - 400 cm3 / 100 L water


         Bottles 1L, 5 L, 20 L, 1000L