Pyrifos 40%

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Wide Range Pesticide

Chemical Composition

O,o-diethyl o-3,5,6 – trichloro-2-pyridyl Phosphorothioate


Avoid breathing vapors or spray the pesticide and access to the eye or skin or clothing. Avoid eating, drinking or smoking during the spraying process. You must wear special clothes to work (Ofrullac – Gloves – Masks and goggles). Must wash the whole body after working with soap and water. Individual must wash and ironing clothes before using them again. Avoid exposing of farm animals and honey bees to spray pesticide. Avoid storage at temperatures above 35m heat. If there are symptoms of poisoning, an increase secretion of sweat – headaches – dizziness – vomiting stop work immediately and remove the clothing and wash the whole body, including the head with soap and water and give the patient an injection of atropine sulfate intravenously and call a doctor. In case of skin contamination wash the place where pesticide contamination thoroughly with water and soap. In the case of eye contamination wash the eye with water for 15 minutes. The patient should be moved away from the pesticide.


Pyrifos 40 should be used sprayed according to recommendations. 1 cm / 10 litres water.